Firmware update instructions

Firmware Update Changelog:

Version 1.0.60

1. Added GA drag model (for Airguns).

- iOS support for GA expected by mid-May, with Android support anticipated before the end of May.

Version 1.0.59

1. Expanded Velocity Range

The velocity range of the device has been expanded to accommodate measurements exceeding 4500 fps.

2. Auto Channel Selection

The unit now features an automatic channel selection system. It intelligently selects one of the 12 available channels, effectively preventing interference between multiple units. This feature ensures more reliable and accurate operation in environments where multiple devices are used simultaneously.

3. "Remote controller"

App support under development. Enhancing user convenience, the new "Remote Control" feature in our app now supports both reading and writing of device settings. This advanced functionality allows users to interact seamlessly with the device's settings directly through the app. Whether it's adjusting configurations or reviewing current settings, users can now do it all remotely, eliminating the need for physical interaction with the device.

4. Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode for Enhanced Indoor Performance

Version 1.0.58 New Features:

1. Precision of 0.1 fps / m/s.

2. Added a "New String" button to the home view.

Version 1.0.57 New Features:

1. Internal storage

The device will internally store shot strings, which can be transmitted to the phone at any time. Once the capacity reaches 150 shots, the oldest shot will be overwritten.

Please note that connecting or disconnecting the USB cable acts as a hard reset, causing you to lose the data for the ongoing session.

You may want to disable audio when transferring a large number of shots to the phone, as the audio readout will announce all the transferred shots.

Version 1.0.56 New Features:

Fixed a math issue affecting BC calculations for bullets over 200gr

Extended the maximum shutdown time to 20 minutes

Increased the maximum bullet weight limit to 1000 grains

Version 1.0.55 New Features:

1. Trigger Sensitivity

Added a new setting to adjust the chronograph's trigger sensitivity for velocity measurements. This feature aims to improve the balance between consistent measurements and avoiding false triggers.

The setting includes nine sensitivity levels, each with two variants: standard and a cross-verify option. While the cross-verify option enhances accuracy by minimizing false triggers, standard sensitivity might be beneficial in rare instances where cross-verify fails to trigger.

2. RA4 Drag Model

Introduced the RA4 drag model to the system. This offers a more accurate method of calculating bullet drag, enhancing the precision and efficiency of velocity measurements.

Please refer to the updated user manual for details on how to use these new features.